Collect customer's motivations through data

Cashback processing & CRM automation

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our platform assists cashback validation and processes payments

Converse directly with your customers

Connect the technology to our own tools via our API and improve your customer relationship marketing by working on your Loyalty program.


Reactivity is the key to increase the customer loyalty. Our solution is a powerful tool that instantly checks all the requirements and validates the cashback.

Data processing & Security

Our platform checks, monitors, stocks and send payments on a daily basis.
Our technology is also able to connect the data directly to your own CRM or ERP.

E-Commerce acceleration & transformation

Collecting customers data in your brand's name is essential to improve user experience.

And by connecting our tools to your own, we encourage customers to convert to your online supports.

The best part of the Payceed is that it is completely integrated to your IT ecosystem.

Business Intelligence

Data analysis depends on your software infrastructure (CRM & ERP).

By giving you another view on your own data, our BI tools are able to answer specific added value questions that will help you take the right decisions about your business.

Who we are

Active in the advertising for more than 10 Years, we have collected a massive amount of data.

That made us realize that the answers to your specific business questions are, more than you know, hidden inside your own data. That is our creed and the reason why Payceed (Adjust Group) is born.

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